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Our experience in information security provides us with a strong understanding of what requirements our clients have with respect to information security

Have a secure managed reliable network

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Broward business computer repair service

Full-service technology solutions for today's businesses. Offering business-critical services

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A leading network security consulting firm

utilizing a variety of tools and Best Practice methodologies that can protect your business internally and externally without hindering your business processes

Cloud Computing Solutions

Spider Networks can help improve IT efficiency, agility and reliability

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Providing industry leading IT consulting and local tech support

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Spider Networks, Inc. offers a range of information technology services for Businesses. We focus is on providing economy as well as functionality in all of our services, while ensuring that our clients obtain services that fit their organizational needs at prices that are affordable. Most importantly, our focus has included ensuring that the affordable nature of our services does not impact the quality, features or security of the services we provide.

Here is our story
The owner Tony Browne worked in the technology field with several large corporations and was asked to start up Spider Networks and help the Credit Union industry.
Tony worked closely with Rick Ewart from Ewart Technologies through Y2K and with the Credit unions until Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 were we had to separate the two companies as Rick is the Audit CPA side of the company
We still work closely with Ewart Technologies as they handle the security Audit side
Until the market changed for the worse 99% of our cliental were in financial industry were they have extensive security and compliance requirements
Spider Networks has since started offering their services to the Small to Medium size business market
All of our services are based on the requirements that our cliental have extensive needs but not the budgets to maintain the required high level of Technology services that they require
All of our service offerings have come up as the needs and services of our customers have requested or needed
We do the Job because we love doing it.
Our customers are more than just our clients to us
We change and adapt based on the needs of our customers

Also I would like to mention two long time System engineers, Russ and Keel who have worked for us for a very long time and also follow the same mindset that customers are more than just our clients
Welcome Alan who is a newest part of our team

We are very lucky to have the assistance of Rick

Rick: we should all have his brain power

Thank you guys

We are very thankful to our existing customers who have taken us to were we are today

Also my Wife Shelly who allows me to play with toys

If you need a great accountant I highly recommend my favorite CPA

We do what we do because we love it. Being involved with the computer side of the business requires patience and highly skilled engineers. Spider Networks provides advanced technologies at pricing levels considerably lower than the industry norms. This has included the following products and services:
 Web hosting and design services
 Email services, including SPAM and antivirus filtering
Computer and network installation, maintenance and support
Firewall and VPN installation, maintenance and support
Managed security services for Sonicwall systems
Online data backup services
Voice over IP configuration ( Digium/Astrick )
Managed hosting of virtual network servers

Helping the local community

Spider Networks supports the Following organizations

Adopt-a-Bike: Helping get bicycles to kids who are in need

Kids in distress and MS

Gainsvile boys club


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