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We can help you ensure that your networks and systems are properly secured. Our staff has a high level of technical knowledge, including one staff member that is certified as a CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional). The CISSP is one of the most sought after certifications in the industry.

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Cloud Computing Solutions

Spider Networks can help improve IT efficiency, agility and reliability

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Cloud Computing Solutions


Cloud computing uses networks of large groups of servers typically running low-cost consumer PC technology with specialized connections to spread data-processing chores across them. This shared IT infrastructure contains large pools of systems that are linked together. Often, virtualization techniques are used to maximize the power of cloud computing

The standards for connecting the computer systems and the software needed to make cloud computing work are not fully defined at present time, leaving many companies to define their own cloud computing technologies

IT organizations face unprecedented challenges. Internal business customers continue to demand rapid delivery of innovative services to respond to outside threats and opportunities. Hamstrung by limited staff and budget, IT struggles to keep up, often exhausting resources simply trying to respond to changing business requests.

In this tense environment, the options have been few: delay innovation that fuels the business or allow business users to procure services without IT oversight that ensures reliability, security, compliance and governance standards are met for the business.

Promise of Cloud Computing
At the core of IT's challenges is a perennial cycle where the majority of budgets are consumed maintaining existing systems, leaving little to reinvest in growing the business. That’s why an increasing number of IT organizations leverage cloud to break this cycle and unlock resources to fuel innovation for the business.

Journey to Your Cloud
Private Cloud Computing
Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Computing
VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Early Access Program

Spider Networks can help improve IT efficiency, agility and reliability by Deploing a Virtualized Infrastructure Leading to a Cloud Infrastructure

Let our cloud specialists help your business by allowing us to learn about your business and applications, and architect the cloud infrastructure


Local servers converted into a virtual world. There is no reason for any size business not be running there servers as virtual servers. Entry level virtual software is free. By running servers as virtual the disaster recovery of those systems is dramatically improved.  Backup is no longer dependent upon that hardware and can be restored to any hardware that is capable of running a virtual operating system.  Down systems can be restored to the cloud until hardware becomes available. Cost of ownership is reduced as you no longer need multiple pieces of hardware to run more than one server. Test environments can be easily brought on line as all you need is to spin up a temporary virtual server on the same piece of hardware. Did I mention businesses can do all of this for free

Next level gives businesses a step up to high availability systems. More up time and less down time.

Migration to a private or hosted cloud solution reducing the overall cost and maintenance of your technology

No need to replace or upgrade machines every time a new operating system is rolled out

This is just the beginning of all of the cost savings and benefits of migrating to a virtual environment


Hosted E-mail soulotions
Enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution, built for the cloud, both public and private. With a redesigned browser-based interface

Web site hosting

Our web hosting services are truly world-class. We offer several different hosting packages, reseller and volume discounts, and standard features that are not available with other "full service" providers

To ensure maximum performance of all of our systems, we operate our servers at less than 50% of capacity and our data center maintains its bandwidth at least 50% above its peak usage. Internet connectivity is maintained through a highly redundant system that uses 4 different services providers that provide over 500MB of bandwidth. This means that you will receive fast response times and less down-time than most services.

Online Backup Services
The Data Vault Solution is a comprehensive, off-site backup solution for  busnisses and credit unions. We offer simple, reliable, secure and automated backups with great features

Devising a good backup and disaster recovery solution is important. One needs to ensure the plan has the following characteristics:

Simple, reliable backups that are not labor intensive
Easy access to data for restoration of single files or folders
Rapid recovery for complete server rebuilds
Off-site backups for disaster recovery purposes
Secure - minimize risk of loss/theft of data

While ever system is different, our Data Vault solution, combined with Spider Networks basic strategy, will provide a starting place for devising your own comprehensive solution.

After building the server and preparing it for use, image the server using a disk cloning program, such as Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image, etc. Place the image on CD-ROMs and prepare a bootable floppy or CD to initiate the imaging software. This will allow for quick rebuilds of the server without the need to manually load the operating system, individual applications, etc.
Backup system state to a file, using the Windows Backup application. This will copy the registry, active directory, and other critical files to an individual file that can be backed up online. A sample script is available in our support area to do this, which can be automatically run at the start of each backup.
Use the Open File Manager option if Exchange, SQL Server or other applications are used that keep files open at all times.
Backup all files on the server daily. Mission critical data that changes frequently can be scheduled for more frequent backups, if necessary.
Request DVD/CD copies of data if known potential disaster threatens (i.e. hurricane).

Regardless of the final solution you devise, we recommend testing it to ensure it provides the results you desire. If you need help planning your solution, our professional consulting services can help you

Call for pricing and a free quote. 

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