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Professional website design, hosting, promotion and ecommerce solutions at reasonable prices

Internet Marketing Firm specializing in helping businesses grow online

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Broward business computer repair service

Full-service technology solutions for today's businesses. Offering business-critical services

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Broward SCORE Workshops Wednesday September 4, 2013

A leading network security consulting firm

utilizing a variety of tools and Best Practice methodologies that can protect your business internally and externally without hindering your business processes

Cloud Computing Solutions

Spider Networks can help improve IT efficiency, agility and reliability

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Providing industry leading IT consulting and local tech support

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Web Design

Our site design is oriented towards several things: flexibility, affordability and quality

Our design work uses a combination of methods to achieve the maximum capabilities while not giving up ease of maintenance. Our design work centers around a simple to use web design program. From that starting point, we can incorporate a combination of custom CGI programming, Macromedia Flash animation, Adobe Acrobat PDF file archives, and other cutting edge technology. The result is a very advanced web site that incorporates all of the current trends in web site technology but that is still manageable by the site owner, if desired.

Our web hosting services are truly world-class. We offer several different hosting packages, reseller and volume discounts, and standard features that are not available with other "full service" providers.
To ensure maximum performance of all of our systems, we operate our servers at less than 50% of capacity and our data center maintains its bandwidth at least 50% above its peak usage. Internet connectivity is maintained through a highly redundant system that uses 4 different services providers that provide over 500MB of bandwidth. This means that you will receive fast response times and less down-time.  


Also, we have flat rate packages available for credit unions and other small business accounts. Contact sales for more information on these package deals.

Our design work is custom designed - we don't provide "fill-in-the-blank" templates. That means that your website is what you want, and what works for your particular business, not what some corporation decided you should have as a web site.

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